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Appointments available on Monday
from 4:30 pm & Friday from 4:00 pm

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Each session lasts for 50 minutes on a
weekly basis at the same day and time each week.

Perhaps the greatest gift the experience of counselling confers is simply that of having your feelings validated. The need to be heard and to explore how you are feeling about any of the challenges of life in a context where you are not being judged or interrupted or told-you-so can itself lift weight we all often feel holding us back.

Your issue may be low mood, a relationship difficulty, struggling with life’s direction or feeling like you can no longer cope. Whatever the need, it is often useful to think about how the past may be impacting on the present. Identifying these patterns often unlocks the future.

My psychodynamic training has empowered me to believe that the strongest therapeutic tool is simply that of listening. Uncluttered focus on the client enables me to gently journey with them to deeper levels and assist in generating greater personal insight, self-confidence and self-compassion. It is personal transformation through validation.

It’s natural to feel that life is often complex and hard. It can be difficult to even say this without feeling judged. In our performance-driven culture we need places where we can genuinely encounter another human being who will accept them in their entirety and show commitment to facilitating personal transformation through real presence.

If you’d like to talk to me before arranging an appointment feel free to phone or text
on  07913 041 697 or send me an email at

Appointments available on Monday from 4:30 pm & Friday from 4:00 pm

Pricing £40.

I operate a discount scheme for certain groups of people including the unemployed,
those on low income, students and others.

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